Volunteer Opportunities

Coffee, tea and wine; what a great time!

It’s a great way to give something back to your community and have fun doing it! Become one of the special people who donate their time and money to help offset the costs of running the theatre and handle the many jobs required for it to function. Our volunteers are an important part of our 60-plus year legacy.
The Cabrillo Playhouse is operated entirely by highly dedicated volunteers who handle everything it takes to ensure that all patrons enjoy their live theatre experience. Cabrillo volunteers are the heart of the theatre and they are why we can promise our audience “live theatre at its best!”
Being a volunteer lets you go behind the scenes and get involved in areas such as play production, marketing, membership, box office, etc. As a volunteer, you can truly experience the fun of being in “show biz”.
To become a Cabrillo Playhouse volunteer just speak with one of our box office personnel today! Or call our box office or email us to have one of our volunteers call you to give you more information and get your participation started in what will be the most fun you have had in years providing service to the community!

Events, Audtions & Casting

Through these donations, the theatre is able to bridge the gap between ticket sales and operating expenses so that we can continue to bring quality theatre to San Clemente. That means outstanding sets, costumes, playbills and, of course the royalties. The donations made to our non-profit organization are all tax deductible.

Donate And Contribute To Quality Live Theatre

Help us raise the roof over our stage. We are on a mission to improve your theatre going experience by expanding the space above our stage which will allow us to improve lights, sets, and stage space. The Cabrillo Playhouse counts on our donors who generously contribute each year.

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